GOAT - 2020 Ikon Discount


19/20 IKON ski pass discounts for GOATs!

What’s the Discount?

$619 - Ikon Base Pass
$919 - Ikon Pass

It’s $30 off. Yay! Check out IKON’s site for the differences between the passes.
Sign up below before May 1.

Will you plan Ikon pass ski trips?

Yes! You can use the pass on 2020 GOAT trips. We’re planning at least 1 east coast and 1 US/Canadian Rockies trip that are Ikon friendly.

How’s this possible?

Ikon supports groups and clubs by providing their members amazing discounts. We love them for this. Maybe you saw a lower price by another club. This is the lowest discount via Ikon, all others are not supported by Ikon. To be transparent, GOAT receives no cash or referral fee for this discount. It’s all yours. We MAY receive a free pass if enough GOATs sign up. That’s it.

What’s the process?

Complete the form below. We’ll submit your details to Ikon and then they gives us your unique code. We’ll email you with your code and instructions to use it before May 1. It’s that simple.

You do not pay us. We do not collect money. We only hand out discount codes once Ikon provides them to us.


‘19/’20 Ikon Pass Discount Signup Form

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