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Be A Goat - Outdoor trips for LGBT adventurists

each adventure
begins as an idea

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designed for you and by you


We want to hear from you and involve you in building amazing trips; trips for people like you.

Tell us your interests and suggestions; everything from the must see sights, routes, and activities to food, hotels, and transportation - and we'll work with you to make that happen.

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Your Call - ANy Trip Your way

Have an idea that we haven't explored or have a particular destination you want to share. Tell us about them. We want to hear from you.


Cycling Trip IDeas

We think cycling trips are one of the hardest trips to plan with friends. We will take that on for our GOATs. Tell us about what you would like in a 3-day cycling trip. 


Request a Private Trip

We are happy to design trips for your team, office, club or even just your group of friends. Tell us what you are interested in and we'll customize a trip for you.